Rites of the Church

The Rites of the Church



Those whom God has joined together....

Weddings are a special time of celebration at Harrold Zion. It is a sacred time and all that is a part of the wedding ceremony reflects such a time in this sacred space. As stated in the marriage service, the scriptures teach us that the bond and covenant of marriage is a gift of God, a holy mystery in which two become one flesh, and an image of the union of Christ and the Church.

 Those who have any questions or would like to marry at Harrold Zion are welcome to contact the church (724-837-7327) at least three months in advance of the wedding date. The couple will meet three times with the pastor to plan the marriage service. As you plan the time of your wedding and reception, it is important to know that weddings at Harrold Zion can begin no later than 3:00 PM due to the 5:00 PM Saturday evening service. Easter weekend is a closed period for weddings due to the solemnity of those days (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday).

 If you would like to receive the guidelines concerning weddings at Harrold Zion, please call our Parish Secretary at 724-837-7327 or click to send email.



The Church mourns with those who mourn as we remember one’s passing in this time on earth.  During the Rite of Christian Burial, we thank God for the one who has entered eternal life and entrust our brother or sister into the hands and keeping of God.  We commit one into God’s keeping and in the knowledge that we are marked with the cross of Christ forever, we trust in the hope of the resurrection to eternal life.


The family will meet with the pastor to plan the service, choose hymns and lessons that will have meaning for the one for whom we give thanks and for those who grieve and mourn.  Family and friends are welcome to participate as readers of scripture and Communion Assistants. 


For more information on either of these Rites of the Church, please call the Church Office at 724-837-7327.